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Alexa Brust

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Personal trainer
5 years
4, Trainers

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34 Anywhere Road
Coventry CV6 7RF
+1 000 123 123

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Asun has made me believe i can reach my personal fitness goals. He is motivational and pushes my strength training abilities to reach my personal best each session. I have been working with Asun for 6 weeks and I love how he always keeps the workouts fresh and new. I already look leaner and feel stronger. In addition to the workouts Asun has advised me on my nutrition and how to live a healthy life. I highly recommend Asun's personal training services to anyone who wants to be healthy, transform their body and begin to enjoy exercising.


I've been working out for years with little to no results. That all changed when I discovered Upscale Fitness. Asun was able to evaluate my needs and create a comprehensive program that is yielding amazing changes. Asun's keeps me on my toes by using a combination of traditional weight training infused with cross training, making every session challenging and exciting. Thru his extensive knowledge and nutritional support, I've learned to truly achieve long lasting results I needed to retrain my brain as well. Upscale Fitness is more than just working out its a lifestyle.

Emilio Sosa
Emilio Sosa, Broadway Costume Designer

Asun Peterson has the perfect combination of extensive knowledge, enthusiastic commitment and extraordinary individualized exercise programs to make him one of the best personal trainers in the industry. Over the past 5 years Asun has transformed my body into a energy machine. I never thought I could improve my upper body strength to be able to do 30 real push-ups!!  I feel fortunate to feel and look this great at 55, and I know that it would never have been possible without Asun's encouragement, caring personality and his incredible intense strength building workouts, to make my body the best it can be!

Alisa Kauffman
Alisa Kauffman, DMD, PC D'85, Clinical Director, Penn Dental